Raving Fans

Highfields News & Post

The limitations that we were faced with when planning our new site where price  & functionality. We were not sure that for the price we had in mind we would be able to afford an e-commerce website.

We discovered very quickly that the price was more affordable than we originally anticipated and the functionality of the online shop as well as the website suited our needs perfectly.

Before engaging with On Time Marketing on this project I was feeling like our branding and image was a little average. Now I feel like we have a strong presence and a more professional edge.

What do I love most about our new website... Online shopping integration!

Our new website allows us to sell very specific items online and raise awareness to our local community about our shop and it's facilities, as well as reaching out to more than only walk by traffic.

So happy with our new site. Thank You!!!

Jody Brady - Highfields News and Post: Business Owner www.highfieldsnewsandpost.com.au