Raving Fans

I Cooked

In the beginning I was concerned I was not going to be able to receive the website layout that I could see so clearly in my mind.

Prior to engaging with On Time Marketing I had never had an online presence but now that I do I am so proud and confident about it.  The site is vibrant, clean and fun - all the things I wanted it to be.

I discovered that incorporating E-commerce functionality to my business was viable and easily administrable by myself.  As well as being able to make changes as I wish, when I want on the website.

I loved the fact that:

  • I could choose from a range of unique templates to find one that suited my business and my taste.
  • Every thing that I asked for was understood and translated into the website.
  • The close knit team at On Time Marketing really listened which saved me from repeating myself.

Friendly, open, respectful communication in a local business that I can contact if issues/changes arise made all the difference.

Thanks for your help and advice and for listening and translating my design requests on the website.

Megan Neilson - I Cooked Toowoomba - www.icooked.com.au